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Elementary Dragon Fest Assemblies
Elementary Dragon Fest Assemblies
Every month, the elementary classrooms have a character development trait they learn and practice.  At the end of the month, a celebratory assembly is held for students in each grade who demonstrated positive character are given an award.  Additionally, "Golden Awards" are given to classrooms who showed positive behavior throughout the month in specials (physical education, library, art, music) as well as on the bus and in the cafeteria and hallways.  During the assembly, there are also class presentations about the character theme, and exhibits of student creativity.
New this year is a Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) sponsored Golden Character Award, chosen by a school counselor visiting all the elementary classrooms.
Our elementary assemblies take place every last Wednesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. Parents, families and friends are encouraged to attend.  Please see the calendar for assembly updates.
Monthly character themes for 2017-18:
September- Citizenship
October- Honesty
November- Attitude
December- Responsiblity
January- Acceptance
February- Control
March- Tenacity
April- Empathy
May- Respect
Award Winners
March 20018 Award Winners
 Artist of the Month:
Harbor Ambrose, Samantha Barrett, Olivia Parrish, Alexa McEntee, Carly Norton, Daniel Parent, Anna Larabee 
Character Trait Awards (Tenacity):
Pre-k: Katherine Peeters and Elias Ritton
Kindergarten: Gabriel Lane, Alexander Alem and Christopher Hoag
First grade:  Crispin Koren III, Jakeb Whiteman and Isaiah Mendez
Second grade: Elwin Johnson Jr., Lindsay Rinker and Sawyer Bridger
Third grade:  Morgyn Miskell, Lillian Parrish, Kiera Ebert and Ava Greer
Fourth grade:  Sophia Camilleri, Jacqueline Jaszcar, Tyler Ebert and Alton Pleytez
Fifth grade:  Amber Burton, Autumn Burton, Cadence Ritton and Claire Rodriguez
Sixth grade:  Julianna Ebert, Kaitlyn Henn, Mehki Regg and William Sulas
Mrs. Frost's class: Larry Buck 
Golden Awards
Golden Sneaker: 6th grade
Golden Tambourine: Mrs. Lampron's 3rd grade
Golden Book: Mrs. Grantier's Kindergarten
Golden Palette: Mrs. Grantier's Kindergarten
Golden Spoon: PreK
Golden Bus: Bus #95
Golden Playground: 5th grade
Golden Character: Mrs. McCrea's 1st grade 
April 2018 Award Winners 
 Artist of the Month:
Braelyn White, Jaylen Lampron, Elijah Reed, Gariel Lane, Mason Ide, Caitlin Pease, Gregory Provencher and Jason Hoag
Character Trait Awards (Tenacity):
Pre-k: Cooper Mattice and Calla Morell
Kindergarten: Alexander Logan, Wylder Roseboom, Alexa Banks and Emily Nebesnik
First grade:  Garrett Maiorana, Kimberly Spencer, Johnathan Kiraly and Daniel Parent
Second grade: Sylvia Brady, PJ Rice, Altanah McCoy and Emma Renwick
Third grade:  Liam Hoag, Charles Pitcher, Cassidy Howard and Brandon Lubbers 
Fourth grade:  Ethan Reed, Kenna Robinson, Annalee Gallagher and Uriah Reynolds
Fifth grade:  Sean Brown, Jason Hoag and Michael Judd Jr.
Sixth grade:  Liliana Cometiello, Gwen Stiefel, Logan Jorgensen, Ethan Pleytez and Elye Reynolds
Golden Awards
Golden Sneaker: Kindergarten
Golden Tambourine: Mrs. Grantier's Kindergarten
Golden Book: Mrs. Palmer's 5th grade 
Golden Palette: PreK
Golden Spoon: 1st grade 
Golden Bus: Bus #92
Golden Playground: 2nd grade
Golden CharacterMrs. Brooks' 2nd grade 
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